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ICC-GC Sunday School Registration

A message from the ICC-GC Sunday School

The first day of the ICC-GC Sunday School will be on Sunday, September 17, 2023, Insha’Allah.
Registration forms have been emailed to all parents of students who were enrolled at the school last school year. Registration Forms are available at the ICC-GC.
Parents who want to register their children at the ICC-GC Sunday School are kindly asked to come with their children to the school on Sunday, September 17, at 9 AM. Parents can fill out the registration form then. Their children will be escorted for evaluation to determine grade placement.
School Hours every Sunday are from 9:00 AM till 12:55 PM.
After dismissal, Parents are encouraged to escort their precious children to the Prayer Hall to pray the Zuhur (Noon) prayer together, led by our ICC-GC Imam.
For information about the Sunday School, please click the “Services” tab on the top navigation of this Web Site, and then click on “ICC-GC Sunday School”.

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