Friday Prayer known to all Muslims as Jumu’ah prayers صلاة الجمعة‎ is a congregational prayer held at noon every Friday. The Friday Prayer which consists of two raka’as, replaces the Zuhur prayer which consists of four Raka’as. Friday Prayer is always preceded by a Khutba/Sermon by the Imam. All Muslim Men are required to attend the Friday Khutba and to perform the Jum’3a Prayer at a Mosque. It is not mandatory for women to attend the Khutba or to perform the Friday prayer at the mosque. Women can simply perform the Friday Zuhur Prayer at home. However, many women like to go to the mosque on Fridays to listen to the Khutba and to perform the Zuhur Prayer there.
Our God (Translation of the English word God in Arabic is ALAAH) says in Sura # 62 Titled Al Jum’a, verses 9 and 10.
“O’ you who believe (in God) when the call (i.e. Azthan) is made to prayer, on the day of Friday (the Day of worshiping Assembly/congregation ), proceed earnestly to the Remembrance of ALAAH, and cease the trading and selling. That is best for you if are just know! And when the Prayer is completed, then go disperse in places (land), and pursue or seek out what is available of ALAAH ’s Bounties, and remember ALAAH so often so that you that you succeed and prosper.”