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  • Weekend School News

    BACA Maktab (Saturday School) will open on Saturday, September 18, Insha’Allâh. ICC-GC Sunday School will open on Sunday, September 19, 2021 Insha’Allâh. Classes will be conducted in-person on the ICC-GC Premises Insha’Allah.

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  • Message from the ICC-GC Board of Directors

    Dear members and supporters of the Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago, Assalâmu alaykum Wa Rahmatu Allâh Wa Barakâtuh We hope that you and your families and all dear ones are well and safe and healthy Insha’Allaah. We appeal to you to keep having masks on your faces and to

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  • The Qur’anic view of the few and the insignificant in the context of a pandemic

    People by their affinities, beliefs, and needs consider certain things and persons more important than others. What is significant to one person may not be significant to another. For some, money and material goods are the backbone of everything they do in life. For others, it is peace in family,

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