Ramadan 2021 Calendar

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  • The Qur’anic view of the few and insignificant in the context of a pandemic

    People by their affinities, beliefs, and needs consider certain things and persons more important than others. What is significant to one person may not be significant to another. For some, money and material goods are the backbone of everything they do in life. For others, it is peace in family,

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  • ICC-GC Message

    Dear respected members of the Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago, Assalamu alaykum! We hope that you are your families are well in these turbulent and uncertain times. We appeal to you to stay home and not expose yourself or others to the threat of being infected. This pandemic as

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  • ICC-GC Fundraising Appeal

    The Board of Directors and the Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center have decided to suspend all activities at our Center. This was done as a preventive measure to protect all our members and visitors. We will be closely following the pandemic developments and will inform you, inshaAllah, of any

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  • Imam’s Friday Message

    Assalamu alaykum brothers and sisters, It is the third Friday that the doors of our mosques have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We have been witnessing almost a total standstill globally. Governments of around 200 countries and territories have placed appropriate measures in other to limit the spread

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