Wedding / Nikah Arrangement Instructions

  1. Arrange the date with the imam at
  2. Please fill out the form to book the ICC facility

    For ICC members

    For Non-ICC members

  3. The form should be sent at least seven days prior to the ceremony.
  4. Pay the appropriate fee using the following link:
    Under ‘category’ select ‘rent’ and pay $350 (for non-members). For members, a general donation is encouraged.
  5. Arrange for your marriage license to be delivered to the imam at least seven days prior to the ceremony. Failure to do so will result in automatic cancelation of the ceremony.
  6. Make sure all your guests are appropriately dressed. The Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago is a place of worship and a strict dress code is applied.
  7. Your marriage ceremony will be held only in the Lecture hall. Under no circumstances is allowed to have a marriage ceremony inside the prayer room.