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Activities, Fundraising, and Donations

As usual, the ICC-GC Board has been planning diverse activities for its members. ICC-GC paid members receive detailed information about these activities via email, regular mail, the ICC-GC monthly newsletter, and announcements.

The ICC-GC is always in dire need for donations from generous members and generous supporters. All donations are tax deductible. A receipt from the ICC-GC is issued for each donation. The Board sends a “Thank You” letter to each donor.

Since the ICC-GC is always in dire need of funds, all fundraising events and activities at the ICC-GC will be solely dedicated to the ICC-GC.  Any fundraising request submitted by other organizations will be declined.

As usual, the ICC-GC Board is very thankful to the generous individuals and supporters of the ICC-GC Center, and to all those who have donated towards all past projects.

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