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Message from the ICC-GC Board of Directors

Dear members, supporters, and friends of the Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago,
Assalâmu alaykum Wa Rahmatu Allâh Wa Barakâtuh
We are very grateful to Almighty God that the Pandemic have eased, and normal life has been resumed,  Alhamdulillaah. Although the Pandemic Virus has not totally disappeared, it has become less dangerous.
Alhamdulillâh, The ICC-GC has been open and having regular Friday Prayers, with face masks no longer required, although voluntary.
Also Alhamdulillaah that both 1443 Hijri Year Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha have been held on the ICC-GC Premises, and Alhamdulillaah both were surprisingly very well attended.
Both the ICC-GC weekend schools (Saturday School and Sunday School) will be welcoming the returning students as well as the new students into the new school year around the middle of September Insha’Allaah.
The ICC-GC Annual Fundraising event will take place during the month of October 2022,  Details about the event will be posted soon Insha’Allaah.
Insha’Allaah, the ICC-GC Annual Lectures program which runs from late fall till early Spring will resume.
Also included in the ICC-GC Activities’ Scope is a Youth Program which it is hoped that this time, it will successfully attract the youth to join Insha’Allaah. Few attempts were made in past years, but there was no interest in the community, due to the huge homework and assignment and extracurricular activities of the youth’s weekday schools.
We wish our dear ICC-GC Comunity and the whole Muslim populations all over the world a very happy and very blessed 1444 Hijri year Insha’Allaah, and we beseech Almighty Allaah to safeguard and protect all humanity from any pandemics and any illnesses. Allaahumma Ameen.
Kindly please keep donating to the ICC-GC to help it meet its monthly financial obligations and to keep operating smoothly Insha’Allah.
As always, JazzakumAs Allaahu Kulla Khayr.

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