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ICC-GC Message

Dear respected members of the Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago,

Assalamu alaykum!

We hope that you are your families are well in these turbulent and uncertain times. We appeal to you to stay home and not expose yourself or others to the threat of being infected. This pandemic as the many before will pass, leaving some returning to their Lord, and leaving others wiser, humbler and stronger in their faith. What we need in these critical times is patience, increased prayers and reliance on the Almighty. Nothing happens in this world without His will and permission. The Qur’an says, “Nothing will afflict you except what God has decreed for you” (9:51).

One thing that we have learned from history is that the human race is successful in adapting. During times of war, hunger, extreme weather conditions, not only do we change the way how we live, but we also change how we think. We hope that this virus will teach us do think differently, and rely on each other as brothers and sisters, regardless of the place we come from, the color of our skin, or the creed we profess.

Wise people benefit from every situation they find themselves in. So spend some quality time in the circle of your family. Read the Qur’an, pray daily prayers in jama’a with your family members, read books you always wanted to read, and increase your knowledge. If you have an elderly family member, friend, or neighbor, make sure that they are doing well. Ask the if they need help with shopping, medicine, or if they need any other assistance.

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